After Hours Care

After Hours Care

If you are in need of assistance after hours, please call the office at (218) 741-0405 for further information.

Frequently Asked Questions

What should I do if I knock out a tooth?

First of all, find the tooth and rinse it in water.  Make sure you hold it by the crown and not the root.  Then, if possible, gently insert the tooth back in its socket.  If that is not possible, put the tooth in a cup of milk until you can be seen at the dental clinic and remember to take the tooth with you.

Help!  My crown fell off!

If you still have the crown, you can safely put it back on yourself.  First, rinse it off and try to place it back on your tooth.  It fits like a puzzle piece so keep trying until it fits just right.  Next, you can safely temporarily “glue” it back on with Elmer’s wood glue or a Denture Adhesive, which you can get at your local drugstore,  until you are able to been seen.  These materials can be safely used because they are non-toxic to the teeth.  We want you to keep your crown on because we want to prevent the tooth from shifting or moving.

Toothache Trouble

If you are suffering from a toothache, a Common mistake people make is to apply hot or cold to the outside of the face.  When applied to the outside of the face it draws the infection into the face which can cause cellulitis, which takes longer to heal the infection.

What you want to do is if hot or cold relieves the pain then you should hold it in your mouth, like water or an ice cube etc…